Modern Investing.

Grow your hard-earned wealth by investing into the best companies building our future.

Upholdings is an investment manager for founders and executives. We operate one global fund that invests in companies reshaping their industries through the effective use of new technologies.
Maximum Growth
We target double digit returns by buying-and-holding 25 of the world’s best public growth companies. We use strict investment criteria to acquire stocks that can outperform for years to come.
High Quality Research
We combine modern web tools with expert interviews to evaluate companies leading change within their industry. We pursue a transparent research process and share our findings.
Low Cost
We charge the lowest fees of any comparable investment manager. And low turnover in our holdings means improved tax efficiency for all of our investors.
Investment Criteria
01 — Participates in a large industry with a defensible leadership position
02 — Recruits and retains talented people that are patient and ambitious
03 — Develops globally attractive products and services
04 — Considers environmental and societal impacts to the company’s expansion
05 — Operates low cost marketing channels to regularly win new customers
06 — Transacts profitably with customers and gives them a reason to come back
07 — Transforms profits into long term shareholder value
08 — Available at a share price that is a clear discount to the company's potential
Founder, CIO
Robert founded Upholdings in 2019 to generate benchmark beating returns for the next generation of investors.

He began his career working under Roger McNamee, helping to scout through new opportunities created by the early rise of the internet. He then joined Everlane to help grow an online-first retailer into an internationally recognized brand.

The best online businesses deliver a higher standard of transparency, quality, and price. Upholdings was borne out of the opportunity to do exactly that with investing.

Upholdings is currently only open to accredited investors.