Modern Investing.

Grow your hard-earned savings by investing into the best companies building our future.

Every generation, there are new market forces—driven by technology, regulatory, and social changes—that rupture legacy business models and allow modern ones to grow in their place. That’s our focus.
Internet-Connected Assets
The proliferation of always-on mobile devices has connected our houses, cars, and cash to the web, resulting in new services like homesharing and digital payments. Ever-improving connections will further strengthen the assets underlying these services.
A More Personal Web
The rules of operating an online business are being rewritten. Privacy, protection, and personal preferences are now priorities for businesses both big and small. Business models built around the individual will thrive: curated experiences, collaboration, and self-expression.
The All Digital Enterprise
Processing power, storage, and applications have all moved into the cloud. Great investment opportunities are emerging in both the businesses providing these services as well as those poised to benefit the most from their use.
Our Approach
Globally Sourced
We scour the world for 25 market leading multi-billion-dollar companies, and target those that can sell well beyond their own borders.
Multi-Year Outlook
By partnering with long-term minded investors, we are able to select the best business models that can grow faster than the market over time.
Disciplined Buyer
We pay entry prices that afford a high chance for future share appreciation, and target double digit returns on newly invested capital.
Founder, CIO
Robert founded Upholdings in 2019 to generate benchmark beating returns for the next generation of investors.

He began his career working under Roger McNamee, helping to scout through new opportunities created by the early rise of the internet. He then joined Everlane to help grow an online-first retailer into an internationally recognized brand.

To be successful online, businesses must deliver a higher standard of transparency, quality, and price. Upholdings was borne out of the opportunity to do exactly that with investing.

Upholdings is currently only open to accredited investors, but will eventually be accessible via a tax- and fee-efficient ETF.